Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Check this story out.

So these are the questions that I keep struggling with as this whole episode comes to an end. (I hope).

1) What does this say about our culture?

2) More specifically; what does this say about our values?

3) When someone famous dies, why do they become an instant "saint" and we want to celebrate their lives? (for lack of a better term)

4) What does the rest of the world think about us when they see stuff like this?

5) How many homeless and low income families could have been fed with the money it cost the city of LA?

6) How much longer are we (mainstream Christianity) going to hold on to this rediculous idea that we are a Christian nation?

Just my quick answers as I observe the last few weeks...

1) We are SHALLOW.

2) Our value system is SO relative its scarry. Morallity and goodness are subjective and relect the shallow nature of our culture.

3) None of us want to be held accountable for our lives either... We hope people will let us off the hook too.

4) No idea, but I can imagine its not positive...

5) Let's say it cost an average of $20 a family... thats 70000 families

6) I hope we give this up sooner than later. I think the amount of damage that is done to the name of Christ when we fall short personally is about the same as when we try to claim that our nation is a Christian nation. (Or that it ever really was) Do we really want to associate Christ with this?

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Been a long time

But I actually think about posting quite often, just never when I am actually at my CPU. Plus I have a son now, and that takes up a ton of my time. So just to fill you in on whats new with me.

- I have a son name Emmory William Steenback. He goes by Boo, Boo Boo, and Emo. He is the 2nd most precious earthly gift that God has given me. (Shawna is by far #1)

- Baseball is over for the year, which is another reason why I have time to think about blogging again. Once again, I have learned a ton from my experiences this season. I am blessed with the opportunity to coach those guys.

- I really need to finish my thesis... I am a LOSER!

- My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and i turn 29... I don't feel old, but its starting to sound old. 30 is scary

- I tried to watch the NBA again, and still think the way the game is called by officials is killing it. I also tried watching the NHL again and I'm back! They're letting em play again!

So like i said there have been a lot of things i have been thinking about that i wanted to blog on, but there is one that keeps sticking with me.

I have been reading the book "Total Truth" and its got me thinking a lot about world views and such, and i began to think through the evoultionistic/green/secular world view and thinking it all the way out to its logical ends. (i don't think there are many people who put their faith in evolution that are doing that... but alas i don't think there are many Christians doing that either)

So anyway see if you can follow this line of reasoning, and feel free to respond...

One of the many things that evolution teaches us is that the weak and unfit will be weeded out through the process of natural selection. If this is the case then I have two questions for those who hold this world view.

1) Why do you care about the thousands of people who are dying off in places like Darfur and other places around the world? I honestly don't mean to sound crass or uncaring. I do think that it is terrible what is going on there, but then again my world view allows me to understand and condemn it for what it is. EVIL. But if you hold a secular/natural world view, then how else can you explain such terrible events other than saying it is the process of the weaker being weeded out by the stronger. How ever it is that the stronger got that way doesn't matter, by subscribing to the natural selection dogma you must admit that what is going on is the same process that wiped out our missing link cousins.

2) What do you do with homosexuality? If it is a genetic issue as seems to be the popular argument, then (if you really want to say you believe in evolution/natural selection) you have to admit that any genetic mutation/condition/creation that produces a type of organism that is unable to procreate/perpetuate itself is a weaker organism destined for extinction.

Am i missing something here? Give me feed back... especially if you actually have placed your faith in evoultionistic secularism. How do you explain these issues from your world view without making a fundamental change in your belief construct?

World View people! You HAVE to take your belief system and follow it to its logically end in every situation. If it cannot explain or help you understand something that you encounter in this world then your world view is incomplete or flawed... Not good

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He Finally Came!!!

Just a few pics of our son for those of you who wanted to see him!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Romans 7:24

Romans 7:24

The longer I live and the more I read and study the Word, the more I understand this verse. The thing is I am not sure how good a thing that is. I mean obviously on one level it is good. But at the same time, it really does bother me just like it bothered Paul.

This may be a shock for some of you, for others you couldn't agree more, but I am a vile rotten, worthless man. I still shake my head in disbelief that God has chosen to save me and use me.

The crazy thing is that the more i feel this way, the more i realize how much more there is to my fallen nature than i even realize now. (You might have to read that twice, but you'll get it) It's like the most terrible ice berg in the most terrible dream that wont end; either one of them. the more that is exposed only show just how much more is still to be exposed.

This is why we can call the Gospel, the Gospel (literally "the good news") The Bible paints a terribly bleak and hopeless picture of man after the fall and w/o Christ, so the good news of the Gospel comes as SUCH a relief when you've finally come to grips with the reality of our situation.

The one thing that this understanding also does for me that I am so very encouraged about; is that it makes Heaven so much more sweeter! It makes the coming reality of perfection and rest from sin so wonderful! (Even as i sit here and try to come up with words to describe it, they fail me, its too wonderful an idea)

Once we've realized our wretchedness, given up our foolishness, and embraced the graciousness of God's goodness and mercy there is sweetness even in something as bitter as knowing how nasty i really am.

Really guys... How awesome is that, that even something as depressing and terrible as understanding our sinfulness can also be a source of encouragement and hope.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Couple of Pictures from the last year of my life. (Which is about to change in ways I don't even know)

This is the state I spend most of my life in... "HUH?!"

My Sister-in-Law's wedding day. Can you tell how much I enjoy being dressed up? My wife is soooo hot!

This one of my favorite things about our house. We see sun sets like this all the time from our kitchen.

My favorite place in the upstate.

I love to do this, my dog hates it, and my wife is usually yelling at me to put him down. :)

Guess which one is mine...

Christmas Cheer!!

It actually SNOWED!! That is our leaning snow man... He was going to be a pregnant snow woman, but then my hands got cold.

I really like all the cool things i can do with our new camera. I dont know how well it turned out here with it being scaled down, but this shot was about a 2 sec exposure of huge snow-flakes.
And now for my theological content...
Why did Christ hang out with sinners and people of ill repute? The obvious answer is so He could minister to the sick and those who knew they were in need of spiritual help. But do you think He also knew that it would really tick off the religious establishment and help to polarize the pride of false/man-centered religion. And where is the balance between making sure we aren't offending our brother or sister in Christ and following the example of our Lord.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quote of the...

...Day, Week, or however long till i post again. You've got to love it for so many reasons! Yay Government!

"If this is going to be bipartisanship, the country's screwed,"

-Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

discernment... see how yours is working

Read here

One Question: "What do we learn about this person's faith from this speech?"

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